Bruno is a visual artist. In his collage-paintings he uses virtuality to confuse and question our perception of an image.
He loves to make real what is not, and unreal what is. A qualified architect, he has created a vast number of illustrations and CGIs* for all kinds of projects in various countries over the last 25 years. Since moving to London 15 years ago, his work has been exploring the fine line in between Architecture and Art. His fascination for virtual images pushes him to challenge what lies between illusion and reality.

When he represents what looks like a photo of a scene he wants you to think about what you are seeing. Are you looking at a photo of reality or a computer generated image of the photo of a virtual scene ?

Through his work he wants to always make the viewer wondering what is in front of him. What am I looking at? This question is already part of the artistic process he is developing with the viewer. Is it a hand drawing overlaid on top of an existing photo, what is real, what is fake? Is everything virtual? From his visualiser background Bruno understood that the more a drawing or an image becomes as real as the reality, the degree of confusion and misunderstanding is paradoxically maximum for the viewer. He has decided to play with this idea.

Moreover he would like to create bridges in between Digital Art and traditional mediums. There are so much facets to be explored. His artworks are layers of CGI's* prints mixed with layers of traditional paint. Like a mirror of our time he is bluring the boundary in betwween different levels of realities.

Those ideas are expressed in his last works in a series of abstract representation of territories and borders.


Feb 2020


* Computer Generated Image




11 -2018

AHA, Marylebone London Download the catalogue

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03 -2016

R P P Castlewood, 85 New oxford Street London Download the catalogue

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09 -2015

Palais Fesch - Musée des beaux-arts Ajaccio


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